Abbreviated name:COTECCONS
Charter Capital:770.500.000.000 dongs
Tax Code:0303443233
Head office:Coteccons Office Building, No.236/6 Dien Bien Phu Str., Ward 17 Binh Thanh Dist, HCMC
Tel:028.35142255 – 3.5142266 Fax: 028. 35142277
Website:www.coteccons.vn           Email: contact@coteccons.vn



The main areas of activity

  • Construct, install civil and industrial Works, urban and industrial park infrastructures, transportation and irrigation Works.
  • Architectural activities and relevant technical consultancy: Design general layout plan of Works; Architectural design of civil and industrial Works; Indoor and outdoor design; Design of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning for civil and industrial Works; Design ME part of Works; Design civil – industrial construction; Design of urban infrastructure construction.
  • Construct Works of water drainage and supply, environmental treatment.
  • Trading, brokerage, real estate consultancy, land use rights of owner.
  • Install MEP systems.
  • Specialize in export and import business, export and import right of the following items: iron, steel, building structures, materials and installation equipment, materials – machinery – equipment – spare parts, technological line of construction industry and production of construction materials, construction machinery and equipment.

Important Company Milestones

2004Privatization from a construction department of Cotec Group Charter capital of VND 15,2 billion.
2005Certified ISO 9001:2008 by QMS – Australia
2006First charter capital increased to VND 35 billion – Stock options to shareholders at a 1:1 ratio – ESOP at value of VND 4,6 billion.
2007Second charter capital increased to VND 59,5 billion – Stock options to shareholders at a 2:1 ratio – Stock options to shareholders at a 5:2 ratioThird charter capital increased to VND 86,5 billion – Stock options to shareholders at a 5:2 ratio – ESOP to staff  at total value of VND 2,9 billionFourth charter capital increased to VND 120 billion with strategic partners.
2009Fifth charter capital increased to VND 184,5 billion. – Stock options to shareholders at a 2:1 ratio – ESOP total value of VND 4,5 billion.
2010Coteccons share was officially listed on HCMC Stock Exchange in accordance with Decision No. 155/QĐ – SGDHCM dated 9th December 2009. As the corner stone for their next stage in development, Coteccons opened the 1st trading day at the reference price of VND 95,000 a share on 20th Jan 2010. Sixth charter capital increased to VND 307,5 billion – Stock options to shareholders at a 3:2 ratio
2011Seventh charter capital increased to VND 317,7 billion – ESOP at total value of VND 10,2 billion. 
2012Eighth charter capital increased to VND 422 billion: – Individual subscription to strategic shareholders at value of VND 104,3 billion.
2013 Coteccons equity in Unicons increased to 51%  as a group in business.
2014Implemented various design & build projects Masteri Thao Dien with contract value of more than VND3,316 billion was a key large-scale D&B project. This created a persuasive reason for other Investors to continuously entrust and assign Coteccons with other D&B projects such as Regina Factory – Phases 1, 2, and 3 with contract value of VND1,250 billion and First Team Factory with contract value of VND171 billion.

Created favorable conditions for m&a strategy Issued totally 3,604,530 shares to swap all stocks of Unicons and increased ownership percentage rate in Unicons up to 100%.

Made a record of high growth rate The year 2015 marked a record of high growth rate in revenue and profit during the past 11 years of development, increasing by nearly 100% as compared to those in 2014. Undertook many big D&B contracts signed with new Investors, such as Gold View, T&T Vinh Hung, Duc Viet Resort, etc. Continuously signed many big contracts with value of more than VND1,000 billion such as Gold Mark City, Times City Parkhill, Vinhomes Central Park, Worldon, etc.


The year 2016 continued to mark a milestone in Coteccons’ economic development. The Company’s revenue reached VND 20,783 billion, increasing by 52%. Profit increased 113% compared with that of 2015, reaching the level of VND 1,422 billion.

Coteccons surpassed many foreign contractors to win over the bid of The Landmark 81 project, the highest building in Vietnam and the 8th highest building in the world.

Many D&B projects were signed, accounting for 40% of the Company’s total revenue. Some highlights to be mentioned hereafter are Vinhomes Thang Long, Regina Manufacture Phase 5, Panorama Nha Trang, Diamond Island Phase 2, The Millenium, and D’Capitale. Coteccons performed the first private placement for strategic shareholders and raised VND 1,762 billion, increasing the Company’s charter capital by VND 770.5 billion.

In terms of technical development, Coteccons has achieved remarkable improvements by the completion of many challenging projects, including base construction packages for The Landmark 81 and The Spirit of Saigon (formerly known as The One). Moreover, the application of BIM into the transfer beam construction for the Landmark 81 project has marked initial successes.


Last 5 year business achievements Turnover and net profit of the company are shown as follows:

YearUnitTurnover Profit
2011Billion dongs4,510211
2012Billion dongs4,477219
2013Billion dongs6,190280
2014Billion dongs7,634357
2015Billion dongs13,669733
2016Billion dongs20,7821,422



Strategic Shareholders With sustainable development strategies and business transparency in the issuance of shares to strategic shareholders, Coteccons has attracted several national and international investors, such as:

  • Tainan Spinning Co., Ltd
  • Indochina Holdings Group Ltd
  • Thanh Cong Investment and Business one member Co., Ltd
  • Kusto Pte., Ltd

Organisation Structure and Human Resources Structure: The shareholder community has the most powerful authority to approve any changes or revisions to regulations or annual business objectives of the company In the Annual General Meeting the Board of Directors and Board of Supervisors shall be elected to manage all business activities. The Board of Directors is responsible for implementing the Annual General Meeting’s decisions. Coteccons is directly managed by the General Director appointed and approved by the Board of Directors. The General Director manages the company in accordance with Company Regulations approved by Annual General Meeting and under Vietnam Laws.

Resources: Coteccons is proud of a team of experienced, elite and creative engineers, architects and expatriate experts. All the staff participates fully in training, created for the purpose of self-improvement and perfection.

Social activities We understand that a successful company is the one which does not only focus on its business targets but also shares responsibilities with the community by charity activities to improve the society, such as: –  Scholarships to students with outstanding academic performance (especially disadvantaged students) –  Houses for poor families under preferential policies. –  Participation in relief efforts for people affected by natural disasters. Thanks to its achievements, Coteccons has consistently been voted with the following awards in recent years:

  • The Best Construction Company
  • HCMC People’s Committee Merit for achievements in safety
  • Vietnam Report TOP500
  • Vietnam’s Golden Cup for Construction Quality
  • Vietnam’s Top 50 Best Enterprises
  • Vietnam’s Top 50 Best Listed Businesses
  • Vietnam’s 100 Most Tax-paid enterprises
  • The Best Annual Report.



To become a World class Engineering & Construction group, a leading corporate group in Vietnam in 21st century.


Accountability and Quality are the key to our Reputation. Coteccons commits to deliver to our clients State-of-The-Art projects at competitive cost as well as contribute to the growth and development of society through these projects

Project information

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