Human Resource Policy

Human is our key of success – Coteccons Group’s human resources are considered the most valuable assets. We therefore pay continuous attention in building up a team of professional managers and staffs for the purpose of sustainable development.   Coteccons objectively evaluate contributions from each staff in order to increase the awareness of individual roles in forming corporate culture, continuous learning, innovation, diligence and integrity. Personnel Policy is always improved to ensure staffs have the best working conditions:  

Leading in training activity

Revenue has been the consistent strategy that Coteccons has always been committed to. Being conscious of the vital role of staff training in this period of transformation. In 2017, the training division was separated and developed into a training center – Coteccons Academy (CTA), whose main mission is planning and implementing training strategies for Coteccons’ human resources and other affiliates operated directly under the General Director of the Company.

Upon establishment, CTA proactively cooperated with other departments and construction sites to form internal lecturer force, precious “intellectual assets” for building training contents and programmes, while, at the same time, enhanced their teaching ability. In a short period of time, a majority of managers was able to take the role of a lecturer, enthusiastically teaching and sharing through various activities in classes such as group discussions, intellectual games, presentations, field trips, practices, etc. Besides, through collaboration with famous training partners including PACE, DALE CANERGIE and FRANK COVEY had helped CTA incorporate the most up-to-date knowledge about management into the programmes.

Moreover, it was the management team of the Company, from the Chairman to the General Director and Deputy General Directors, who were dedicated teachers with burning desire to impart invaluable experience regardless of success or failure to the juniors, through sessions that always fired the crowded participants up, thus becoming a great source of motivation for CTA as well as sparking learning and self-study culture in Coteccons.

With great investment in training, Coteccons is one, among a handful of construction companies in Vietnam, to take the initiative in standardizing the staff competence through internal training, combining with the international fundamental knowledge following precisely 4 main fields: technical knowledge, managerial skills, leadership and business ethics, which is a similarity shared between Coteccons’ training strategy and advanced training models in the USA and Europe with the view to bridging the gap between academic knowledge and taught competencies and practical competencies necessary for daily tasks of engineering executives at construction sites.

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Pioneering the search, the nurture and the employment of higher performers 

Recruitment of “input” personnels is the foundation on which a sufficient team of quality workers to perform well on the Company’s manufacturing process is built. With the policy of “High-quality Personnels’ Recruiting and Remunerating”, Coteccons always welcomes high potential workers who are high-flyers with intellectual strength, good ethics and a passion for the Company. The recruitment procedure strictly follows a set guideline, ensuring transparency and impartiality so as to select the most suitable candidates on all areas of qualification, capability and ethics for the Company.

Personnel’s competences

As mentioned, until December 31st 2017, there were a total of 2,540 personnels in which 86.44% are of higher education whereas administrative personnels account for 7% of Coteccons’ total workforce. Most of selected workers are graduated engineers, architectures, bachelors from prestigious universities with high academic performance. In addition, the Company also flavors recruit graduates from famous, oversea universities, experienced workers and foreign specialists.

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Collaboration with leading universities

The year of 2017 is the third year in a row that Coteccons continues its strategic cooperation program with leading universities such as: Bach Khoa University, Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture, Ha Noi University of Civil Engineering, Ha Noi University of Science and Technology, etc., in which the Company provides scholarships, internship opportunities and soft skills training for students as well as sharing experience and expertise for the purpose of mutual development. Through these programs, Coteccons will select students with high academic performance to recruit.

The activities between Coteccons and the universities have yielded practical results for both sides as well as the students, forming a connection between theory and practice to help students assimilate knowledge and mature much more quickly and be able to work immediately after graduation. It is safe to say that universities have contributed significantly to the Company’s success by means of providing a source of quality workers.

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In addition to high-quality personnels that are strictly hand-picked, the harmony in human resources structure by age is also another factor that makes a big difference for Coteccons. The company workforce is bustling with youthful energy and vigor due to having experienced yet young personnels (under 30 years of age) accounting for 61.9% of the proportion in which 36.7% are at the pinnacle of their career with an age range of 30-50, the age at which their health is most suitable for construction industry thus contributing greatly to the current as well as future growth of the Company. This structure is maintained, not only on the Company-scale but also at all sites, divisions and departments for the purpose of balancing the skills and the working spirit in each area whereas the training, transferring and developing of successors also benefit from its upholding.nhân sự 9-1.PNG
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The training and developing of successors

As regards the training and developing of successors, Coteccons flavors developing internal labour force by means of work rotation, creating opportunities for personnels to become more dynamic and versatile in their work, thus allowing each individual the chance to utilize their strengths to the fullest. This is also a process for personnels to refine their skills so that the Company can evaluate and accurately select the best and most suitable candidates for Coteccons’ management positions.

With the policy to strengthen the development of future generation of workers, maintain the culture as well as the practical training to meet the Company’s requirements, most of the internal trainings for employees are carried out directly by senior managers and the Company’s key leaders.

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Employment Policy

– Total working time: 44 hours/week. – Holiday, annual leaves and other leaves comply with Labor Code. – Coteccons staffs at work have to wear uniforms and comply with the following requirements:  

  • Be responsible, internal solidary to fulfil assigned duties.
  • Fully comply with assignment and mobilization from superiors.
  • Report fully and exactly about assigned duties. Consult instructions from superior when facing work difficulties for timely solutions.
  • Officer is prohibited from abusing authority to receive commissions from any parties in any forms which cause damages to Coteccons ‘s image and reputation.
  • Do not use Coteccons ’s name for personal purposes. Work cheating which causes losses and damages to Coteccons ‘s benefits and assets is prohibited.
  • Information disclosure, document take-away, providing information to external parties without approval are prohibited.
  • Do not disclose Coteccons ‘s business secrets.
  • Personal incomes are based on appraisal of direct superior and executives. Disclosure of personal income is therefore prohibited.


Remuneration policy is built on the ground of assigned duties and performance thereof. – Wage raise will be carried out periodically on the ground of performance and appraisal of direct superior. – In addition to wages, Coteccons will award bonus to motivate working spirit: holiday bonus, new year bonus and bonus on duty achievement. 

Social Insurance

Deposit for social insurance, medical insurance will comply with current legal requirements. Regimes of maternity, work-accident insurance, unemployment allowances will base on legal requirements. – In addition to required insurances, Coteccons will consider the following insurances:  

  •  Total health insurance. Depending on positions and remote working conditions, Coteccons consider the application of total health insurance for family members.
  •  Insurance for abroad business trips.

Allowances, welfare and treatment

Allowances: – Coteccons has sufficient allowances to ensure staffs’ duty fulfillment: allowances for meals, telephone, business trip etc. 

Welfare: – Vacation: Coteccons organized annual vacation domestically and internationally for staffs to refresh labor and unify staffs. – Annual medical check: Coteccons organized annual general medical check for staffs. Fees are paid by Coteccons. – Sporting events: Coteccons sporting events are organized every year for staffs to compete and interact within Coteccons Group. – Physical and psychological care to staffs: hold meeting and giving for staffs on traditional holidays; gifts to staffs’ children on Children Day (June 1); gifts to excellent performance of staffs’ children. 

Treatment: – Stock: Employee Stock Ownership Program will be applied to selected staffs. Quantities depend on work experience, position and contribution of staffs as ranked by Bonus Commission and approved by Board of Directors. – Buy apartment at preferred rates: Staffs are considered for preferred purchase of apartments which are bought from Coteccons at better prices.

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