Coteccons completed the steel spire of Landmark81 and that has officially brought it to the height of 461.2m

10/04/2018 09:48

Constructing the steel spire is one of the most critical and intricate features at the Landmark81 project. From March 26th to April 9th, 2018; Coteccons had used up all human, material and technological resources for this decisive construction phase. And after all 15 days, Coteccons had successfully installed the spire, outperforming 14-day ahead schedule.

It is that the collaboration of technical power and human will

In order to install the steel tower reaching height at 61.2 meters, Coteccons had used the only Vietnam outer-building-body crane tower with a load of up to 24 tons; Tate Tata mountings equipment imported from Japan and a team of experienced and skilful staff.


A group of 7.5m x 7.5m x 6.4m steel sections are imported from Spain, processed at a factory in Nhon Trach (Dong Nai province) and transported to the works. The installation phase is divided into two parts: delivering those steel sections from the ground to the temporary base on the 82nd floor, then raising them to the official position on the 84th floor.

Raising steel blocks having average weight of 16.5 metric tons to 400 meters is such a hazardous job that it requires a very scientific and comprehensive calculation. Coteccons engineers have prepared many options, considering the wind speed, temperature and weather, and strict inspection of tower crane system, etc. Coteccons had also applied the advice and support of experts from Australia, UK.

Amongst important contributors to the success of the Spirer installation; it is mr. Vo Van Hien, 36 yrs. old, from Da Nang City, a crane operator; shared "Even I’m so nervous, and yet due to careful preparation of measure and technical factor, I am still very confident. In the end, everything was successful beyond expectations. "

And it’s the reward for Coteccons’s achievement

On April 9th, 2018, 7h20 am; the 10th and last segment of the Spire tower was lifted off the ground and hanged on the 82nd floor. This is the highest, the most difficult and also the most dangerous section. Mr Pham Hoan Gia, a safety engineer, spoke “Although we have been well-prepared, we will not take any risk; and if the wind force is over 20km per hour, everything must be postponed."



Final section of spire was being moved for installation (1)

At 12.30 pm, when everything was in safety, the last steel was began to lift off the 82nd floor and put in the final position of Spire amongst expectation of everyone. Nervous, tensed and highly-concentrated, all were following the work of lifting the 10th segment up to a distance of 60m.


Final section of spire was being moved for installation (2)

And at 13h30 pm, when the final coat was tightened, all site management team was being like bursting. And especially, although this is the hardest work, Coteccons continues to exceed 14-day ahead schedule.


The site management team was such joyful when the last section of Spire had been placed

The Coteccons have built up a world-class project such as the Landmark 81 over the thousand-day journey, defeated obstacles and the challenges to deliver the project to its destination safely. This is an invaluable reward for Coteccons and once again confirms the competence of local contractor for international projects.


Overview of Vinhomes Central Park – Landmark 81 project above the sky

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