Coteccons – talent in Design & Build

A perfect strategy in construction Coteccons has been applying. It materializes a round-up combination between Design & Build (D&B). The combination has been successfully applied to several megaprojects such as Thao Dien Masteri, Gold View, Duc Viet Resort etc. These initial successes of D&B model draw huge interests from clients. If a client asks us why COTECCONS chooses D&B in place of conventional model of Design – Bid – Build (D&B&B), we will affirmatively reply as below:


  1. D&B liberates clients from complexities of stage separation arising out of the traditional model.
  2. D&B accelerates construction progress, saving more than 30% construction time, a crucial factor in cash-flow maximization.
  3. D&B enables clients to cut project investment budgets by 10-15%.

In spite of its contemporary characteristics, D&B is not easy to apply for any construction companies and this is completely right for complicated megaprojects. The exception of COTECCONS originates from its solid experience in construction industries plus clients’ confidence in the proven reputation and image.

Besides, COTECCONS ‘s strengths come from healthy resources and a dynamic and in-depth knowledgeable team of advisors, experts, architects, engineers, technicians. The team gets along with clients to detailed designs in order to consult and propose suitable market prices, optimized solutions for brain-hacking issues such as construction schedules, budgets and supply chains. The professionalism is maintained all over project development.

Furthermore, COTECCONS is able to mobilize talented and well-known partners, specializing in architectures, structures, MEP, landscape, interior decoration, who share our strategic view and profession passion. All are for the purpose of creating projects which are financially fruitful for clients and add cultural architectural values to society. To satisfy rising demands from clients for this model, COTECCONS has been activating Design Center, ID Board, BIM (Building Information Modeling) Board to professionalize the management of D&B processes.

Project information

The Galleria Residence – The Metropole Thủ Thiêm Giai đoạn I

Phân khu 1, Khu đô thị mới Thủ Thiêm, Quận 2, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh

Spirit of Saigon

 Phường Nguyễn Thái Bình, Quận 1, đối diện với khu vực Chợ Bến Thành

Nhà máy Marigot Việt Nam – Giai đoạn 2

 Khu Công nghiệp Amata, tỉnh Đồng Nai

The Matrix One

Mễ Trì, Châu Văn Liêm, Lê Quang Đạo, quận Nam Từ Liêm, Hà Nội

Tòa nhà Trụ sở Tập đoàn Công nghiệp – Viễn thông Quân đội Viettel

Lô D26, ngõ 3, đường Tôn Thất Thuyết, phưòng Yên Hòa, quận Cầu Giấy, Hà Nội


Friendship Tower

31 Le Duan St, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCMC

ManWah Timberland Factory

Khanh Binh commune, Tan Uyen district, Binh Duong province.

Tay Ho View

58 Tay Ho Street, Quang An Ward, Tay Ho District, Ha Noi