Coteccons continues charity program at Ho Chi Minh City Oncology Hospital

09/08/2019 14:15

Following a series of charity activities, on August 9th 2019, Coteccons Union’s representatives visited and gave gifts to underprivileged people at HCMC Oncology Hospital.


With the message "Join hands for the community - Bring hope to cancer patients", in this volunteer trip, Coteccons supported chemotherapy, radiotherapy and special treatment expenses for 54 patients with difficult circumstances, of which 20 children have suffered from serious diseases. Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tuyet - President of Coteccons Union and other employees came to each sickbed to visit and give gifts; kindly encouraged the patients to maintain their optimism and perseverance, to overcome illness.

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Each person has a special situation, there are cases with no budget so the illness has become severe or a single mother resists her child’s disease etc. Besides all worries in daily life, they are also brave warriors "fighting" for life of themselves or relatives.


This volunteer trip also involved the participation of young people who are relatives or children of company's employees. Mr. Ha Quang Giang - Director of Design Management Center shared that: "Besides helping children expand their vision, charitable activities also give children a strong incentive to replicate kindness, let children know how to share their luck with other people. This can be the most important lesson of life that parents need to teach.”

Although the market is volatile during the year, the Company's Board of Management always prioritizes a certain source of funding for voluntary activities to share the difficulties of patients, encourage employees in the Company to participate in charitable tasks.


Some images of the volunteer trip:

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