Vinfast Automobile Manufacturing Complex Project - 21 months of co-operation with the Investor Vingroup to conquer the goal of taking Vietnamese automobile brand international

22/06/2019 08:41

Vinfast Automobile Manufacturing Complex project has been constructed since September 2017, beginning the journey to build one of Coteccons' largest industrial projects.

Coteccons has completed handing over 01 operating building, 14 manufacturing factories and 02 auxiliary areas after 21 months of construction, meeting the most stringent requirements on the progress and quality of a world-class industrial manufacturing complex.

Understanding the desire of the Investor to take Vietnamese automobile brand international, to manufacture and manage the global value chain under Vietnamese brand - Vinfast, the whole construction process has been implemented with extremely fast schedule in order to meet the Investor’s plan of installing production lines. Coteccons has completed handing over the motorbike manufacturing area including the following sections: Operating building, Vehicle Frame factory, Painting factory, Assembly factory, Auxiliary Area in May 2018, after only 7 months of construction. Automotive manufacturing area with Engine factory, Painting factory, Assembly factory, Body factory, Presswork factory, Auxiliary area; The supplier area with the Bumper factory, Plastic molding factory, Battery factory, Apico factory, ZF factory, LEAR factory was completed and handed over in October 2018 or 12 months after the groundbreaking date.

As the General Contractor, undertaking the construction of the structural, finishing and MEP works of the project, Coteccons has completed a gross floor area of ​​up to 750,000 m2 on a land area of ​​335 ha. The site management team has successfully finished the special functional designs of the project’s structure, including an assembly plant with the scale of ​​20 ha - top 20 largest factories in the world; complex reinforced concrete structures including floors, columns, beams, ditches, underground tanks in accordance with production technology lines; large-scale steel structure etc.

On June 14th 2019, after completing installation of production lines, Vingroup solemnly organized the inauguration ceremony of Vinfast automobile manufacturing factory, officially put the factory into a phase of mass production. The event marked an important milestone in the Investor’s journey of taking Vietnamese automobile brand international. This also marked the development of Vietnamese construction industry in constructing large-scale industrial projects under extremely fast schedule. Currently, Coteccons is continuing the construction of the Auxiliary area (Ebus factory, Cell battery, Worker housing etc) at the project.

Some images of Vinfast automobile manufacturing complex:



E-Scooter manufacuring factory and Auxiliary factories



Flastic molding, battery factories and Auxiliary factories



E-bus factory, Apico factory, ZF factory and LEAR factory



Wastewater treatment area



Some images inside the factories (collected from other sources)


201906140210CHTNT_7591_Cat bang khanh thanh

Inauguration ceremony of Vinfast automobile manufacturing factory

Video of Vinfast automobile manufacturing complex's overral view


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