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Coteccons values people as the core

"We are proud of our team of over 2,000 employees with solid background and diverse experiences through international standard projects that Coteccons has built. Coteccons people are determined, courageous, and always ready to overcome any challenges to move forward, creating the future of the construction industry and the future of Vietnam"

- Chairman of BOD, Bolat Duisenov -

Identifying people as the key to success and the internal strength of the organization, Coteccons has continuously updated, improved, and perfected its human resource development policies to create the best possible conditions for its employees. Building clear and transparent welfare policies for employees is always an indispensable part of corporate governance at Coteccons. When employees work with peace of mind, they can fully utilize their potential and bring the greatest value.

The formation and development journey of Coteccons has witnessed the efforts of the leadership team and all employees in building a professional, friendly, and truly good working environment, where workers can work with peace of mind, focusing on creating value and shaping the future.

SAFE working and HEATLH care policy
Guaranteeing employee RIGHTS in accordance with the law
TRANSPARENT, APPROPRIATE and WORTHY salary and bonus policy



Every year, Coteccons organizes internships for students from the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture, Hanoi University of Civil Engineering, etc. This program has created opportunities for 3rd and 4th-year students to participate in projects, experience, and learn soft skills & practical experience at construction sites. After the selection rounds and interviews, the 12 best students who have been admitted to the 2022 internship program will participate in projects in the South in June. On June 7, 2022, the Department of Human Resources in collaboration with Coteccons Training Academy and the Safety Board held a meeting “Meet, share & train on occupational safety” to help the students better understand the Company, career path and more importantly, to equip themselves with knowledge about occupational safety before practice at the construction sites. The practical and sincere sharing from the senior staff has received positive feedback from the students. Although the meeting was short but full of content that interested them. This is not only knowledge luggage but also the motivation for the students to complete the upcoming internship. With the motto “Focus on developing people – People are the most valuable asset”, these interns will be the next generation, a source of quality engineers who can join the Company right after graduation. This promises to be a young, talented, well-trained team, fully equipped with knowledge and skills to contribute to “building futures” with Coteccons.

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