Photo-reportage: Coteccons and thousands of concrete blocks "battle" in Saigon underground.

08/02/2018 13:50

Saigon, at 23 o’clock, when everyone is asleep, the construction team of Coteccons at the Hilton Saigon project begins their crucial battle in ten meters abysmal deep underground.


The Hilton Saigon Hotel project has five basements and 40 upper floors with 350 five-star international standard rooms, which is applied semi-topped technique by Coteccons.


After 5 and a half months of construction, Coteccons has reached to the depth of  basement B5 with a height of 24 meter, 60-day ahead of schedule compared to the commitments with the investor.


B5 basement has an area of nearly 2,000 square meters with 500 tons of steel, 24 meters under the ground and is the deepest layer of the project. In this vital batch, the site management team has used more than 80 concrete trucks and dozens of workers to pour 2,000m3 of concrete in 12 continuous hours.


Mr. Ho Quy Don, Site manager and other members of management team reviewed the entire preparation work in advance before pouring the cement.


Contradict to the quietness of the late night street, at a depth of 24 meters underground is the sound of the nozzles, the tingling of dozens of fans, the scraping of the cobbles under layers of concrete. The sound of the machines and dozens of human shouting sounds that creates a sound mixture echoing around stone walls.


Melted concrete started rolling into thick layers of steel. It will take about 12 hours for engineers and workers to complete a mass of 2000m3 concrete for basement B5.


Nguyen Do Nhat Nguyen, Deputy Site Manager of the project, said: "Concrete pouring batch of B5 basement is one of the most important stages of the project, so all team must have concentrated and worked hard. We are all determined to accomplish this task so well to welcome the Lunar new year in the most meaningful way."


The steel floor is ready for concrete pumping from the ground



Standing at the 5 basements looking above Saigon skyline.


The team divided into groups, constantly moving on the steel floor to control concrete pumping from the ground


Each worker alternately extends the pipe, rakes and rcc continuously according to the flow of concrete.


Under the ground, it seems that the whole world stopped and there was only one job left: pumping concrete. People and machines alike are joining into one beat, hustle and bustle as if this was another world.


Mr. Pham Minh Hoang, Safety Supervisor said: "Construction of the tunnel contains many unsafe risks so we are not allowed to be subjective. Sleepy workers may fall into waiting steel, subjectively remove protective clothing, unconsciously fall into holes or step into the slot or the explosion risk from gasoline using machines, etc. I must constantly observe and warn to ensure the safety of all workers. "


One group coordinates the concrete truck and measures the slump on the ground, while the other supervise their dump site. In that way, work continues as a rhythmic machine throughout the night til’ the next afternoon.


Passionately and hasty, the exchanges amid the concrete battle occurred in a breath.


In the middle of the night battle, we caught many concentration and tension. It seems that the whole team can all consider the importance of the deepest basement project and that they must try their best for collective success.


They moved ceaselessly between the floor tiles. The mission of Coteccons site management team is not only to ensure success but also to motivate dozens of underground workers.


In the mish-mash of sound in the tunnel, the engineers must both shouting and striving to work better. Even when the their clothes are soaked in sweat, it does not prevent them from being enthusiastic of Coteccons youth team.


The team worked hard all night together under the cold night above and the heat of the concrete below. Their persistence and inexhaustible patience are the motivation for engineers to increase their fighting power.

Ham B5 (3)

Finally, after 12 hours of tireless work, the site management team of Hilton Saigon has successfully poured the concrete btach over B5 tunnel, putting a good ending on the 2017 lunar year and beginning to prepare for upcoming successful in spring of 2018 lunar year.


Before we said goodbye as the sun was being set, we were impressed with the printed slogan in the site management office: "A successful team is a group of many hands and one mind." Perhaps thanks to the solidarity and sincerity, those enthusiasts Coteccons boys at Hilton Saigon altogether won a sweet victory in the battle of thousands of concrete blocks underground in Saigon.

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