Poured successively 2800cubmic metre concrete batch, South Hoi An Casino finished its 70% structural works

01/06/2018 21:24

During ending days of May, hot sun and humid ocean breeze came to South Hoi An Casino project where Coteccons site management team was working. Late of May 31st 2018 mid-night, despite the heat and the humidity surroundings, the team here successfully poured 2,000 cubic metre concrete batch; officially completed its 70% structural works.

This concrete batch was made on a 4,500sqm roof, mobilized 300 concrete trucks and 100 workers. In addition, the Coteccons site management team commenced this batch on a 26 meter height above ground and used up 700 tonnes of steel. The total time for conquering this important challenge is nearly 15 hours.

At 1h30 am, the first batch was started to flow out, rolled through the steel frame and got gradually into forms.

Casino 2800m3 (8)

The coordinating team on the ground …

Casino 2800m3 (9)

... and on-site-coordinating team

Casino 2800m3 (4)

The first concrete line was rolling into the steel beam

As night was coming late, we could feel how the team was terribly uncomfortable as their sweat were mixing up with the concrete heat, the humid of ocean breeze and sand. However, it was not really a problem, engineers all still were in good moods to guide workers, and step by step, they had overcame their duties.

Casino 2800m3 (10)

Supervisors together with workers to conquer tirelessly

Casino 2800m3 (5)

The smile always shined

3h00am; even the temperature was going down, still, the light was always on and a dozen of concrete trucks queued in front of the main entrance and waited for entering casino Nam Hoi Casino. At now, there was no sound except the noise of reedle vibrator interleaving with singing melodies of workers on site.

Casino 2800m3 (6)

A dozen of concrete trucks queued and waited for entering

Casino 2800m3 (7)

12 pumping machines marked and placed around the site

5h00am ,the very first lights started shining and waking up a new day. Since the working pace had been increasing steadily, all team had also determined unanimously to complete the work as scheduled.

11h00 am, noon, all were getting badly sweaty as they're getting burns by torrid sun and the heating floor. "Come on guys, we are almost done, only few hours left," the voice said from a Coteccons supervisors.

Casino 2800m3 (14)

Even it was getting burns …

Casino 2800m3 (15)

… that did not extinguish their fire

17h00 pm, the last works were in urgent to finish.

Casino 2800m3 (17)

Casino 2800m3 (18)

Final works before completion …

Finally, after more than 15 hours of tireless work, the site management team and workers of the project successfully conquered 2,800cubic metre of concrete. This is also the last concrete batch that formally reaches to 70% of its structural work. To complete this journey, it was not impossibly mentioned the solidarity and determination of the collective brothers here. They together felt so happy and stepped relaxedly to their resting place after work.

"It’s such a meaningful time for my youth to be here" – said by a supervisor joined in this batch.

Casino 2800m3 (20)

The image of 2.800 cubic metre of concrete view taken above

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