Coteccons introduces the internal activity DREAM UP, which takes place alongside the COTECCONS GREEN UP MARATHON event to help employees develop running habits and raise funds for poor children in the Binh Thanh district. Every kilometer of running recorded will pay the corresponding amount to the charity fund campaign for children—”DREAM UP” for those who became orphans after the COVID-19 pandemic. The program officially begins on June 10, 2022 and ends on July 31, 2022.

“DREAM UP program is a playground for both health training and sending messages and values ​​of love. Proving that, working at Coteccons must be FUN, HEALTHY and HUMANE, because we believe that every step is an extended hope for unfortunate unfinished dreams.” – shared Mr. Pham Quan Luc – Deputy General Director of Coteccons Construction Joint Stock Company.

Mr. Pham Quan Luc – Deputy General Director of Coteccons participates in the DREAM UP internal marathon with Coteccons young members

The Dream Up 2022 internal marathon has officially recorded a distance of 20,000 km and the participation of more than 200 Coteccons-Unicons athletes. In particular, Mr. Tran Phan Nhan from COTECCONS’ finance and accounting department contributed a record journey of up to 752 km.

On August 31, 2022, the Executive Board of Coteccons & Unicons Trade Union participated in the “Mid-Autumn Festival” program held for children affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic organized by the Center for Public Social Work in Ho Chi Minh City Union and Binh Thanh District Labor Confederation. The representatives of the Executive Committee of the Trade Union awarded 11 DREAM UP scholarships, hoping that the small gift would help the children have another meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival.

Representatives of the Executive Board of Coteccons Trade Union awarding scholarships to children
The Executive Board of Coteccons Trade Union also got a letter of appreciation from the Binh Thanh District Labor Confederation for excellent actions in which Coteccons participated.

DREAM UP is one of the activities in the IMPACTD sustainable development program that helps Coteccons accomplish its mission of developing sustainable values and operating ethically in the community, society, and the environment. Coteccons will endeavor to provide numerous important community events to each locality where we operate, thereby increasing the local people’s quality of life.


In a male-dominated field like the construction industry, what role do women play? At Coteccons Group, we create an equal environment for everyone to develop together without “labeling” gender.   At Coteccons Group, women can be not only the supporting team but also the core personnel who step out to make trillion-dollar deals or devise strategies on human resources, purchasing, etc. On International Women’s Day, let us meet typical female figures at Coteccons Group and hear them share their stories about working in a ‘man’s kingdom’.    Are there any stereotypes/prejudice about women in the construction industry that are difficult to eliminate?   Ms. Nguyen Tran Thuc Anh – Head of the Board of Investment: Stereotypes are nothing more than a comparison of “gender power”. In a field like construction, if there is something that needs to change, I think it would be “equality in mindset“. Stop talking about gender differences and talk about work efficiency. That is equality!   Ms. Tran Thi Lieu Vinh – Director of Administration & Sustainable Development: “Can’t do heavy work”, “not strong enough in communication”, “have to take care of family”… are the labels that society has been attaching to women when it comes to the construction industry. This perspective makes the female gender a minus in the industry. People also think that women in the construction industry are less ‘feminine’ due to the nature of the job, which involves working a lot with men, heavy work, dusty construction site environments, and always having to

On December 18, the press conference to kick off the program “Xay Tet 2024” (Build Tet 2024) was held at the Headquarters of Nhan Dan Newspaper (Hanoi) by Coteccons and Nhan Dan Newspaper.   Grateful to the vulnerable, “on whose shoulders we stand for economic development” Mr. Bolat Duisenov, Chairman of the BOD of Coteccons, started the speech with two photos capturing the working moments of workers at the construction site. The photo is beautiful thanks to the effects of sunlight, construction dust, and the majestic space, but behind it is the harsh reality that workers face every day: a heat level of up to 44 degrees Celsius radiating from the aluminum and glass surface, a height of several tens of meters where workers must hang on ropes, etc. What is even more stressful is ensuring the project progresses safely. “The picture is beautiful, but it is essentially a very hard job. They sacrifice a lot every day,” shared Mr. Bolat He called construction workers “the most vulnerable group in the construction industry value chain.” They are also the motivation for Coteccons, with the support and co-organization of Nhan Dan Newspaper, to carry out the program “Xay Tet 2024” to bring a warm and happy spring to workers. Accordingly, “Build Tet 2024″ starts from December 23, 2023, to January 2024 on construction sites across 3 regions of the country, such as Hanoi, Hung Yen, Quang Ninh, Quang Ngai, and Ho Chi Minh City. Minh, Binh Duong…, in which the

On December 8th, 2023, Coteccons & Unicons were honored to receive the awards of Top 500 Vietnam Best Employer (VBE500) and Top 10 Vietnam Best Workplace (VBW10) of the VBE500 and VBW10 rankings by Viet Research, in coordination with the Vietnam Investment Review publishing unit. This recognition was the result of Coteccons and Unicons in recent years having made efforts to restructure the human resources management system to follow the times. Despite many employment challenges, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Coteccons consider this an opportunity for the human resources industry and have transformed strongly.  We understand that human resource management is not only about creating achievements by creating jobs, rewarding employees, creating a sustainable working environment, and having good and stable business results, but also how to promote and raise awareness among the community, businesses, and workers about image, reputation, and the importance of using “human capital.” We focus on creating a unique OWN IT culture to promote individuals’ potential and give opportunities to move quickly, applying technology to evaluate and monitor the development process of employees to serve the development focus on human resources (Learning and Development), and restructuring C&B closer to multinational companies to attract more talented human resources for the diversification strategy. Promoting diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) is a specific action of commitment to sustainable development in which the human element is the key to all actions, not only helping to build the employer’s branding but also creating high-quality human resources to increase

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