On May 20, 2023, Coteccons organized a training program on business conduct policy, a specialized training course on Vietnam’s anti-corruption regulations and compliance with the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), and an information security policy. The program is open to all employees of Coteccons and Unicons who are working in the back office and on construction sites across the country.

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Lam, Director of Technical & Compliance Division, spent time in the first section discussing “Coteccons’ business conduct policy,” “Policy against sexual harassment,” and “Equality and anti-discrimination policy.” Coteccons is devoted to conducting business honestly and responsibly, and it aims to create a trustworthy and secure working environment, providing equal opportunity for all employees, regardless of race, sex, religion, age, marital status, disability, veteran status, or other factors. 

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Tra and Mr. Esko Cate, VILAF, followed, both of whom have substantial experience in compliance and anti-corruption concerns. Employees of Coteccons and Unicons got a thorough understanding of Vietnam’s anti-corruption policies as well as compliance with the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) during the training session. It not only gives theory but also interactive and includes case studies, assisting employees in understanding how to recognize and prevent potential incidents of corruption.

“Today, businesses in the United States have a need to move and expand their market through Asian countries in general, and especially Vietnam in particular. And they are excited about working together, collaborating with trustworthy partners, and following the same core principles. And Coteccons’ commitment to adhering to and practicing business ethics is the first step toward making Vietnam a more professional location to do business.“, stated Mr. Esko Cate.

Mr. Le Minh Tri, Infrastructure & Network Solutions Specialist of Coteccons Information Technology Department, spoke about “Information Security Policy” at the end of the session. When utilizing information systems, all employees must comprehend and comply with the issued information security regulations and procedures, as well as raise awareness when using resources, assets, and receiving corporate information. 

Coteccons believes that honesty and integrity are the cornerstones of what we do. As a result, we always take the initiative to ensure compliance, supporting fair and transparent business practices.


Unicons Investment Construction Limited Company (Unicons) Members’ Council has approved the appointment of Mr. Tran Van Lam as General Director, beginning January 31, 2023. Mr. Tran Van Lam is a key person that has been with Coteccons from its establishment. He has approximately 20 years of construction experience, having held numerous important positions such as project manager and project director for both Coteccons and Unicons. Mr. Tran Van Lam was officially appointed as Unicons’ Deputy General Director in June 2021. As a member of the Board of Directors, he spread his assertive working style, strong personality, and positive thinking to the staff and earned the faith and confidence of investors and partners. On January 31, 2023, he was officially appointed general director of Unicons Investment Construction Limited Company. (Mr. Chris Senekki – President of Unicons, Coteccons Deputy General Director congratulates Mr. Tran Van Lam) Mr. Tran Van Lam shared: “First of all, I would like to thank all Coteccons and Unicons people. We uphold freedom, creativity, and transparency, along with the “OWN IT” spirit. These values will bring the company to its best version. “I will always try my best to work with all employees with all my heart and soul, determined to bring the Coteccons and Unicons forward.” “This is a very important milestone for Unicons in particular and Coteccons in general,” said Mr. Bolat Duisenov, Chairman of the Coteccons Board of Directors. “I feel that Mr. Tran Van Lam’s great determination and working ethics of discipline, directness, and fairness

With a view to creating a transparent environment for our investors, on January 16, 2023 Coteccons Construction Joint Stock Company (ticker symbol: CTD) held a shareholder meeting. In his opening remarks, Chairman Bolat conveyed a message about TRANSPARENCY to all participating shareholders “When I was first elected the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Coteccons, my commitment was to put in place best corporate governance practices, especially those that promote transparency. At that time, my belief shared by many of my colleagues here was that there had to be transparency between major investors, BOD members, or those directly employed by the company but also to each individual investor and shareholder owning CTD shares”, said Mr. Bolat Duisenov – Chairman of Coteccons Board of Directors, at the start of the dialogue. “Let’s further uphold this culture of transparency as at Coteccons there’s actually nothing to hide, even when we face challenges or reap unsatisfactory results. Such information can absolutely be shared honestly and openly with each other,” Bolat added. Overcoming challenges in 2022 The year 2022 has passed, can you share your business performance (revenue, profit, achievements) in 2022 and your expectations and plans for the year ahead? Mr. Vo Hoang Lam – General Director of Coteccons: In 2022, the company is implementing 65 projects in all three regions, spanning from the North to the South of Vietnam. Key outstanding projects include Lego, Diamond Crown in Hai Phong or VinFast Factory, among others. As of now, our total revenue

Ho Chi Minh City, December 12, 2022 – Coteccons Construction Joint Stock Company and Dan Tri Electronic Newspaper sign a cooperation agreement to launch the project “Build Tet 2023” with the companionship of the Ministry of Labor – Invalids and Social. The program will be implemented synchronously on 60 operating sites of Coteccons across the country from January 4 to January 16, 2023, bringing 12,000 Tet gifts to construction workers. Build 12,000 Tet for construction workers with Coteccons Vietnam’s construction sector is characterized by its reliance on a workforce, commonly known as “construction workers.” Hardworking construction workers, on the other hand, are intrinsically less concerned with working conditions. As a construction industry leader and a partner to over 20,000 workers, Coteccons understands the challenges they face. After two years of COVID, construction workers are eagerly looking forward to this time; however, the construction business is witnessing various swings that influence construction workers’ psychology. As a result, Coteccons proposed launching a special project for the first time in the construction business, with the theme “Build Tet” and a message of heartfelt gratitude to the hardworking individuals who have been working on iconic projects with safety and on-time delivery. Mr. Pham Quan Luc, Deputy CEO of Coteccons, shared: “Because the workforce is the center of Coteccons’ development and the main concern in allocating the company’s resources at the end of the year, we have balanced the company’s activities to focus on implementing “Build Tet.” With the companionship of 2000 engineers and

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