Construction workers are a priority in the sustainability strategy.

According to data from the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids, and Social Affairs, the country has about 7 million construction workers, accounting for 13.5% of the workforce aged 15 and over. Especially, in the construction industry, construction workers are the important people contributing to the creation of iconic projects and works.

With the direction of sustainable development, besides taking care of people in difficult circumstances and responding to climate change and community issues, Coteccons realizes that its own employees, construction workers, are also a sector that has received little attention in society.

Therefore, Coteccons has decided to launch the “Xay Tet—Construct Tet” program in order to bring a warmer and better Tet to 12,000 construction workers who are working for subcontractors and suppliers at Coteccons’s construction sites. The program will visit nearly 60 construction sites across the country starting on January 4, 2023.

Coteccons understands that each construction worker has made great efforts to build solid, safe works and always ensure the progress. That is the reason that accelerates Coteccons to give them and their family gifts, to join hands to build a fuller Tet for all!

Besides gift sets for 12,000 workers, the program also organizes meaningful activities such as cutting hair at the construction site, taking souvenir photos, giving free rides back to their hometowns, etc. All these activities are intended to bring short relaxation time to workers during the busy days of running progress on the construction site when the Tet holiday is coming.

This is not only of material value but also a meaningful spiritual gift for construction workers. In addition, Coteccons also conveys a message calling on society to recognize the contributions of this group of people as well as improve their working conditions.

With the direction of “people-centric” company development, Coteccons always strives to create the best working conditions for employees, including construction workers from sub-contractors and suppliers nationwide. From improving a safe, humane, and respectful working environment to ensuring a stable job with a payment policy and other benefits during the working process, which the company identifies as part of the company’s sustainable development strategy.

Pham Quan Luc, Coteccons Deputy General Director, passionately shared: “For Coteccons, in its 18-year history, every success in creating an iconic project is largely thanks to the dedication of the construction workers who are working here. They are not only our ‘partners’ but also the core of creating a respectful and humane corporate culture that helps Coteccons stay strong on the journey to create a better future. Although the market is in difficulty as well as the company, Coteccons still makes efforts to deploy this program in the hope that more companies, partners, and other organizations will join hands, pay more attention, and have more activities for construction workers. Coteccons will always be committed to building a safe, sustainable, and better working environment.”

Journey to Xay Tet 2023 for 12,000 construction workers of Coteccons

In the first week of the new year 2023, Tet gifts were simultaneously sent to more than 6,000 workers and many beautiful moments were captured at projects: Vinhomes Grand Park (District 9, Ho Chi Minh City), Lancaster Legacy (District 1, HCMC), CR8 – 2B&3 (District 7, HCMC), Dolce Penisola (Quang Binh), Diamond Crown (Hai Phong), Vinfast Automobile Assembly Workshop (Hai Phong), Vinhomes Smart City, Nam Cuong Villa area (Hanoi). ), Six Senses (Dong Nai), Hyatt Sapa, CIS (Lao Cai)…

Coteccons will continue the journey of “Xay Tet 2023” at construction sites across provinces and cities nationwide. In the meantime, the company is committed to prioritizing payment so that workers can work with peace of mind and welcome a prosperous New Year after two years of the impact of the pandemic.

Accompanying Coteccons are the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids, and Social Affairs and Dan Tri Newspaper, which have contributed to the success of the Xay Tet 2023 Program. Sharing the meaning of this activity, Mr. Vu Trong Binh, Director of the Employment Department (Ministry of Labour, War Invalids, and Social Affairs), stated at the “Xay Tet” event that took place in Vinhomes Grand Park about the government’s policy that does not leave anyone behind. To implement that policy, the Prime Minister sent a public message to request all levels, branches, and localities in all forms – through the state budget system, to mobilize social and community resources and especially the role of enterprises – to take care of Tet for employees.

Therefore, Mr. Binh highly appreciated the efforts of Coteccons and Dan Tri Electronic Newspaper in implementing the project “Building Tet.” This not only shows corporate social responsibility but also goes hand in hand with the policy of the state.

“In a difficult context, the Xay Tet project demonstrates Coteccons bravery when it not only ensures the lives of workers but also gives them a warm Tet,” Mr. Binh shared.

At Coteccons, the principle of sustainable business is built to harmonize three factors: shareholders, employees, and social responsibility. Employees here include not just approximately 2,000 engineers, the enterprise’s organic architects, but also a force of almost 20,000 construction workers from subcontractors and suppliers operating on Coteccons’ building sites.

The cooperation of businesses that uphold the organization’s responsibility to the community through meaningful projects like “Xay Tet 2023” is not only an effective source of support encouraged by agencies but also a way for the entire society to work together to build a more developed and sustainable community.

The project “Xay Tet 2023” is one of the proofs that Coteccons strives to realize its commitment to make an impact and build a better and more sustainable world every day.


COTECCONS CONSTRUCTION JOINT STOCK COMPANY (Coteccons) hereby announces the conclusion of the dispute case No. 49/23/HCM regarding the payment obligation to BOHO DECOR COMPANY LIMITED (Boho).   In the time of 2020, Coteccons and Boho had signed and implemented Contracts in which Boho was the subcontractor for Coteccons in designing, supplying, and finishing the interior of the construction investment projects (Phase implemented by the former leadership).   On April 18, 2023, Boho sent a document requesting Coteccons to pay approximately VND 44 billion related to the transactions in the above-mentioned period. When reviewing the records and legal documents, Coteccons found that making the payment as requested by Boho would affect the rights and interests of shareholders. The reasons are: (i) The documents attached to Boho’s payment request lack a legal basis and it is impossible to determine the amount to be paid; (ii) the signed Contracts are transactions with related parties but have not been approved by competent authorities in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Enterprises and the Law on Securities; (iii) The State Securities Commission has issued a decision to impose administrative sanctions on the types of transactions with related parties that occurred during the above-mentioned period.   In the spirit of cooperation, Coteccons has repeatedly proposed to organize a meeting for the two parties to clarify Boho’s payment request and provide documents proving the payment value. However, Boho has decided to file a lawsuit at the Vietnam International Arbitration Center, Ho Chi Minh City Branch (“VIAC“).   Throughout

Hanoi, July 16, 2024, Coteccons Construction Joint Stock Company (HoSE: CTD) and Daewoo Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. signed a memorandum of understanding on international cooperation with the aim of jointly developing potential project opportunities in the construction sector in the global market (including Vietnam).  Representative of Daewoo E&C (right) and representative of Coteccons (left) at the MOU ceremony Accordingly, Daewoo and Coteccons will cooperate in large-scale EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) projects in Vietnam released by the public sector or government-related entities, as well as other EPC projects in the global market where Daewoo participates as the main contractor and intends to subcontract a certain part of the works.  Daewoo and Coteccons will cooperate in EPC projects globally Established in 1973, Daewoo E&C has contributed to the economic development of Korea as well as the world and is a leading enterprise in the construction industry in Korea. With passion, dedication, continuous innovation, and modern technology, Daewoo E&C has successfully invested in and developed many quality projects globally, including architectural, civil engineering, petrochemical, and power generation activities. In addition, Daewoo E&C has chosen Vietnam as a key market to expand its business, realize real estate development projects, and contribute to creating a modern and spacious urban appearance for Vietnam.  Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mr. Jung Won Ju, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Daewoo E&C, expressed: “Today’s signing ceremony is a remarkable milestone for the cooperation between Daewoo E&C and Coteccons. In the international market, we are

Ho Chi Minh City, June 24, 2024 – Fortune magazine, a renowned global business publication, has for the first time released a list of the largest companies in Southeast Asia. Notably, Coteccons, the largest construction company in Vietnam by scale, has been featured in this list for the construction industry.  FORTUNE SOUTHEAST ASIA 500 CONFIRMS COTECCONS’ LEADING POSITION  Fortune Southeast Asia 500, a list of the top 500 largest companies in Southeast Asia, screens companies through a rigorous process. The indexes are collected publicly and transparently through data provided by businesses to competent state agencies and are re-certified by two third-party independent testing organizations, Refinitiv and S&P Global Market Intelligence. Coteccons, recognized as the largest construction company in Vietnam by scale, appearing on this list reaffirms its leading position in the Vietnamese construction industry. This also attests to Coteccons’ impressive business results and financial strength in a transparent manner.  In particular, this recognition comes as Coteccons prepares to conclude its fiscal year on June 30, 2024. The current business growth trend indicates that Coteccons’ revenue is expected to exceed the 2024 target by more than 20,000 billion VND. With pioneering steps, Coteccons has made its mark with sustainable construction projects, including the Pandora factory—Pandora’s largest factory in Southeast Asia, meeting LEED standards; the Lego Factory—Vietnam’s first carbon-neutral factory; the Suntory Pepsi Factory—a project applying the most modern green technology in the Asia-Pacific region; and the Logos Project—a high-quality complex of warehouses, factories, and offices for rent.  SWEET FRUITS FOR

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