Coteccons join hands in the fight against COVID - 19

20/03/2020 20:34

Responding to the campaign of the Prime Minister "All people take part in supporting for COVID-19 prevention" Coteccons donated VND 2 billion to buy supplies and equipment to serve for the treatment process and test viruses corona.

In the face of complicated and unpredictable stages of the disease, the accurate testing and rapid detection of viruses are of great importance in the screening and prevention of epidemics, limiting risks spreading to the community. After recognizing the demand and urgency of test kits, on the afternoon of March 20, 2020, at the Tropical Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, Mr. Nguyen Sy Cong - General Director on behalf of the Board of Directors, CB-NV Coteccons awarded the hospital with VND 1 billion, which is equivalent to 1,000 test kits and quick detectors.

Mr. Nguyen Sy Cong - General Director of Coteccons awarded money to the representatives of Tropical Hospital - Dr. Huynh Thi Loan – the deputy director of BV

In addition, understanding the hardships of the nurses and doctors of the Tropical Hospital who are focusing their best efforts as well as devoting themselves regardless of the time of day or night in the front route against COVID-19. On this occasion, Coteccons also presented 30 boxes of fresh milk with the hope that they will be a source of mental encouragement for the doctors to fulfill the upcoming challenging task in the fight against the translation of COVID-19

In the afternoon of the same day, the Coteccons Group also went directly to the Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City to donate VND 1 billion to invest in two negative pressure rooms to support the isolation for the treatment of COVID-19-positive patients. The representative of HCM Department of Health, Dr. Nguyen Thi Quynh Mai – the Chief of Office, shared the current information about suspected cases, with the rapid spread of this epidemic, the construction of the negative pressure rooms to isolate for treatment is really necessary and urgent. The Department of Health really appreciates the precious and timely contribution of Coteccons, although most businesses in all fields are seriously affected by the disease during this stage.

The representative of the Department of Health shared about the epidemic situation and the vital need for equipment in treating COVID-19 disease

Mr. Nguyen Sy Cong – The General Director of Coteccons awarded the whole money to representatives of the Department of Health - Doctor. N.T.Q Mai – The Chief of Office

After receiving the donation - Doctor. Huynh Thi Loan - Deputy Director of the Hospital and Dr. Nguyen Thi Quynh Mai, on behalf of the Organization and health workers thanked the kindness and noble responsibility of Coteccons for community-based activities, especially the support for the economic field. Over the years, Coteccons has maintained in the sponsor of free eye surgeries for the poor patients, helping patients suffering from cancer, children with congenital heart disease, blood donation ... and now is joining hands to prevent epidemics.

“It is the noble action and the unity from the generosity, typically is COTECCONS, that will certainly be the motivation for all medical staff to commit and make their utmost efforts in the fight against the disease of COVID - 19 and we have to win with certainty, ”the Representatives shared. 554

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