Nearly 150 employees of Coteccons – Unicons participated in the annual blood donation activity held on the morning of November 23, 2022.


Every drop of blood donated is a hope that is lit for emergency patients. With this spirit, the blood donation program is organized by Coteccons – Unicons Trade Union in collaboration with Binh Thanh District Union and Center for Donation. Ho Chi Minh City’s blood donation took place at Hall G, Coteccons office on November 23, 2022.


This is an annual activity held at Coteccons to show the spirit of solidarity and action for the community of the Coteccons people. After only 4 days, the program has received nearly 150 applications for blood donation from employees.

The Humanitarian Blood Donation Program is organized by Coteccons – Unicons Trade Union in collaboration with Binh Thanh District Federation and Ho Chi Minh City Humanitarian Blood Donation Center.


The organization is well-prepared, meticulous, and considerate. Each volunteer who donates blood will do the following steps: obtain a code; assess blood pressure; draw blood; drink sugar tea or have breakfast; and receive a certificate with a gift prepared by the Blood Donation Center. The collected blood units will be transported to the National Institute of Hematology—Blood Transfusion for preservation before being distributed to hospitals and research institutes in the vicinity in order to save people and create medical products. Blood products are used in medicine.

Blood donation is well-prepared according to the process of Ho Chi Minh City Humanitarian Blood Donation Center


Ms. Vu Thi Thuy, who works at the Ho Chi Minh City Humanitarian Blood Donation Center, explained that due to the present blood shortage in hospitals, the Center collects blood at no more than 500 units each day. Because all blood units have a limited shelf life, blood flavor is used to maximize preservation.

This year’s blood donation program, in particular, was held on November 23, the 76th anniversary of the creation of the Vietnam Red Cross Society, making the exercise much more important for volunteers.


Mr. Bolat Duisenov – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Coteccons, was also present to donate blood.


Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Nam, Chairman of the Trade Union, shared as a member of the organizing committee and a blood donation volunteer: “In charity programs, humane blood donation is one of the activities that the employees supports the most.” This year’s program, “Drop of Blood—Spark of Hope,” has received nearly 150 applications from employees who want to do their part to make the world a better place. “Every drop of blood given is also an opportunity to regenerate the flow of energy, renew the spirit, and contribute to building Coteccons and Unicons to reach the big sea.”

Mr. Dang Trung Kien of the Engineering Department described his early-morning blood donation: “This is my first time donating blood at Coteccons, but I feel that the organization is incredibly precise, and volunteers cordially aided me.” “I’m a little wobbly because I haven’t given blood in a long time, but I’m glad I done something essential for the community.”

Mr. Kien’s colleague from Unicons’ Human Resource Management Department, Nguyen Ba Khang, expressed similar sentiments: “I feel delighted and significant when I can contribute a part of my efforts to the overall operation of the firm.” This initiative also demonstrates Coteccons’ concern for the individual and the collective.

The program is a meaningful annual activity to give precious drops of blood to patients in need of emergency.

Each volunteer after participating in blood donation receives a certificate and a gift prepared by the Blood Donation Center.


Coteccons hopes to propagate human values and accomplish good actions in the community through this meaningful volunteer program. Simultaneously, annual activities to connect the goodwill and love-sharing attitude of Coteccons and Unicons people would be maintained.


Construction workers are a priority in the sustainability strategy. According to data from the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids, and Social Affairs, the country has about 7 million construction workers, accounting for 13.5% of the workforce aged 15 and over. Especially, in the construction industry, construction workers are the important people contributing to the creation of iconic projects and works. With the direction of sustainable development, besides taking care of people in difficult circumstances and responding to climate change and community issues, Coteccons realizes that its own employees, construction workers, are also a sector that has received little attention in society. Therefore, Coteccons has decided to launch the “Xay Tet—Construct Tet” program in order to bring a warmer and better Tet to 12,000 construction workers who are working for subcontractors and suppliers at Coteccons’s construction sites. The program will visit nearly 60 construction sites across the country starting on January 4, 2023. Coteccons understands that each construction worker has made great efforts to build solid, safe works and always ensure the progress. That is the reason that accelerates Coteccons to give them and their family gifts, to join hands to build a fuller Tet for all! Besides gift sets for 12,000 workers, the program also organizes meaningful activities such as cutting hair at the construction site, taking souvenir photos, giving free rides back to their hometowns, etc. All these activities are intended to bring short relaxation time to workers during the busy days of running progress on the construction

With a history of 18 years of establishment and development to become a leading construction company in Vietnam, the work force always plays a pivotal role and is a top concern in the partnership strategy and building environment. Coteccons’ site of work Vietnam’s construction sector is characterized by its reliance on workforces, commonly known as “construction workers.” This force is in charge of the majority of the construction work on projects, which is a skilled and physically demanding job. Hardworking construction workers, on the other hand, are intrinsically less concerned with working conditions. Understanding this, Coteccons is constantly working to enhance the working environment in order to provide a secure income, improve skills, and treat construction workers fairly, respectfully, and compassionately. Mr. Pham Quan Luc, Deputy CEO of Coteccons, shared: “For the workforce, their first concern is the payment policy, together with other benefits in the working process and environment. At Coteccons, we always prioritize them, even in difficult times, because we know they are the first to suffer when the market is volatile. During this Lunar New Year, the entire industry is experiencing cash flow difficulties due to the influence of the real estate market, but Coteccons will continue to prioritize payment so that workers and employees can work with peace of mind to have a warm and prosperous Tet after the pandemic’s two-year impact.” Vietnam’s manufacturing industry is rapidly rising alongside the admission of large FDI giants. This is an opportunity for the construction industry, but it

With the goal of incubating the generation of Coteccons and introducing career opportunities to students in construction major throughout the country, the Faculty of Civil and Industrial Construction of Hanoi University of Civil Engineering successfully organized graduation project defense ceremony for students of bilingual classes K62XE, XF, as well as Farewell & Student career orientation ceremony in Dong Mo, Son Tay, Hanoi. At the graduation project defense ceremony, Coteccons Group assigned an expert to join the XE Council to help evaluate products and find potential factors with good professional qualifications and foreign languages, and abilities to work flexibly in an international environment. Participating in the Farewell Ceremony and Career Day at corporate booths, the Coteccons Human Resource Department organized a variety of booth activities to promote the company image such as: learning about Coteccons through Kahoot minigames, experiencing becoming a civil engineer when wearing a unique Coteccons suit. With many practical and close-knit activities, students have the opportunity to learn more about Coteccons as well as get closer to the professional working environment, and at the same time seize career opportunities in the leading enterprise in the field of construction in Vietnam.

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