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Coteccons Marathon, with the theme “Green Up”, aims to promote a healthy lifestyle through a joyful, sporty, energetic, and green marathon. The event is not only a race to win the championship but also an opportunity to promote a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. With the theme ""Green Up"", the Coteccons Binh Duong Half Marathon 2023 will make use of recycled and environmentally friendly materials. Moreover, for every 5km that athletes complete, Coteccons will plant one more tree in Vietnam’s journey towards a greener environment.

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– In support of the Green Vietnam project, Coteccons pledges to donate one green tree for each athlete who completes 5 km. – 11,000 trees in each province will contribute to the goal of planting primary forests in Quang Binh and Quang Tri.   Ho Chi Minh City, June 18, 2024 – Coteccons Construction Joint Stock Company (HoSE: CTD) in partnership with Tuoi Tre Newspaper, Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Long An Province and Dong Tam Company held a Press Conference to announce the launch of the third season of GreenUP Marathon – Long An Half Marathon 2024 with the message “Run beyond the finish line”. The running event is expected to attract more than 4,000 athletes to participate in Can Giuoc District, Long An Province on August 24, 2024, with 3 distances: 5km – 10km – 21km. Accordingly, the Organizing Committee offers a special prize, which is an airplane ticket and a ticket to participate in the Laguna Phuket Marathon, taking place in Thailand in 2025 for the First Male – First Female position at the 21km distance. The first marathon to cross an international port in Vietnam Keeping the criteria of a unique running route, GreenUP Marathon season 3 gives athletes a different experience with a unique running route – through Long An International Port, the export and import center of the Mekong Delta region, or a chance to admire the tallest flagpole in Indochina with a windy view of the Soai Rap river channel,

Coteccons introduces the internal activity DREAM UP, which takes place alongside the COTECCONS GREEN UP MARATHON event to help employees develop running habits and raise funds for poor children in the Binh Thanh district. Every kilometer of running recorded will pay the corresponding amount to the charity fund campaign for children—”DREAM UP” for those who became orphans after the COVID-19 pandemic. The program officially begins on June 10, 2022 and ends on July 31, 2022. “DREAM UP program is a playground for both health training and sending messages and values ​​of love. Proving that, working at Coteccons must be FUN, HEALTHY and HUMANE, because we believe that every step is an extended hope for unfortunate unfinished dreams.” – shared Mr. Pham Quan Luc – Deputy General Director of Coteccons Construction Joint Stock Company. The Dream Up 2022 internal marathon has officially recorded a distance of 20,000 km and the participation of more than 200 Coteccons-Unicons athletes. In particular, Mr. Tran Phan Nhan from COTECCONS’ finance and accounting department contributed a record journey of up to 752 km. On August 31, 2022, the Executive Board of Coteccons & Unicons Trade Union participated in the “Mid-Autumn Festival” program held for children affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic organized by the Center for Public Social Work in Ho Chi Minh City Union and Binh Thanh District Labor Confederation. The representatives of the Executive Committee of the Trade Union awarded 11 DREAM UP scholarships, hoping that the small gift would help the children have

On August 6, a 2,000-person race in Quang Binh used old scaffolding, recycled materials for awards and running clothes, and planted trees for every 5 kilometers participants finished. The Coteccons Quang Binh Marathon 2022 breathes new life into the green construction industry. It recycles 4,000 pieces of old scaffolding from the construction site to create a welcoming gate, banner, and stage. According to the organizers’ spokesman, this idea derives from a desire to develop a green running marathon that minimizes environmental damage while providing a fresh experience for competitors. Created from 400 kg of recycled materials (straws, milk cartons, plastic cups/caps…) gathered and fabricated utilizing sophisticated technology by Coteccons and Plastic People, the event medals also offer a green message. Mr. Bolat Duisenov, Coteccons Chairman, personally introduced this medal model to 2,000 competitors and stated that it is a rare item in each person’s running achievement. Faslink’s shirt is comprised of recycled materials from plastic bottles and shells and is manufactured in factories that fulfill GRS worldwide recycling standards to assure 100% environmental friendliness. Prioritizing recyclable materials and recycling outdated scaffolding is simply one of many strategies to propagate the marathon’s green lifestyle. The B&T wind farm was likewise chosen as the starting point. The path, which passes through 60 turbine towers, also educates runners about the importance of clean, sustainable energy. These 60 towers can provide around 60% of the electricity usage for the entire Quang Binh province and save approximately 581,000 tons of CO2 each year. In

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